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  • first-meeting

    Stargate 1889 7 June 2012 w/ [[:cecile|Lady Cecile Featheringstonehaugh (“Fanshaw”)]], [[:addy|Adelaide “Addy” Edison]], [[:captain-ed|Capt Edouard “Ed” Roche]], [[:martha|“Martha” Mbali (Zulu)]], [[:lycoll|Major Alexander Lycoll Marquisse of Waterford]] …

  • High-Martians

    Flying/gliding Martian race, barbaric warrior culture From [[:emmeline|Mrs. O'Rourke]]'s notes: There were some unidentified organs; and it seems that there are organs that shift liquids between them. It appears that shifting the liquids enables them …

  • challenge

    Among the Hill Martians a challenge by combat is somewhat different: once a challenge has been made, none may speak. The conditions: no interference, to unconsciousness, each champion has a second, none may go tend to the unconscious until the second …

  • Canal Martians

    Martians still living in cities. Often have adversarial relationship with Hill Martians and High Martians. Look closer to human than the other two.