Lady Cecile Featheringstonehaugh

Late 20s Englishwoman, archaeologist and linguist, "Cecile"


Agility d4
Smarts d12
Strength d4
Spirit d8
Vigor d6

Misleadingly delicate and pretty with curly light brown hair and grey eyes. Late 20s.

Edges: Attractive, Rich, Linguist, Traveller
Hindrances: Curious (Major), Pacifist (Minor), Stubborn (Minor)



Cecile was born to a family of means with some minor pretension of nobility whose traditional lands are in Oxfordshire, in the Cotswolds.  She had a very conventional upbringing for her social status, the only exception being her tendency to take after her great aunt and pursue advanced education.

She goes home to see the family when possible (her brother has maintained her room and study for her) bringing great stories and interesting (if sometimes questionably appropriate) gifts.  She writes letters home often even when she’s in the field, and also corresponds actively with a number of family friends and many more of her peers in academia.

She is a published researcher, and though she has so far not been admitted to certain of the more prestigious scholarly societies (largely due to her gender) her work is generally well-respected.

Lady Cecile Featheringstonehaugh

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