Adelaide Edison

Somewhat attractive American woman in her late 20's


Agility: d6
Smarts: d10
Spirit: d6
Strength: d4
Vigor: d6
Pace: 6
Parry: 4
Toughness: 5 (Armor 2)
Charisma: 0

Height: 5’4" Weight: 105# Age: 27 Hair: light brown Eyes: blue-green Complexion: fair Notable Feature: Rational dress, mourning amulet (brother’s woven hair)

Edges: * Arcane Background: Weird Science (aka New Science)

  • Scholar (New Science & Electronics)
  • MacGyver (temporary gadgets)
  • Gadgeteer

Hindrances: * Curious (plot hook)

  • Hard of Hearing: minor (Notice -2 hearing)
  • Quirk: Technobabble (annoy other characters

Fighting d6
Investigation d4
Science: New Science d8
Science: Electronics d8
Science: Chemistry d8
Notice: d8
Repair: d8
Riding: d4
Shooting: d4

Arms & Armor:


Adelaide Carlile Edison
Father: William Pitt Edison
Mother: Nellie Holihan
Older brother: Charles Pitt Edison
Born. May 1, 1862

William Edison followed his younger brother to Newark. His 14 year old son worked in Al’s (aka Thomas Alva Edison) lab; his oldest daughter often tagged along. Addy was fascinated by all the things and activities in the lab. Uncle Al indulged her curiosity and often answered her questions, or set her to learn for herself what the answers were.

Addy and Charles went to Paris, in 1879, to learn what the European scientific community had to offer. Charles died there, and although Addy was heartbroken, she remained to continue her studies.

She returned home, to the Menlo Park labs just before her aunt Mary Edison’s death. Addy spends time between the US and Europe, comparing notes and keeping her uncle abreast of developments abroad.

Adelaide Edison

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