Stargate: 1889

It Begins (May 10, 2012)

1st, meeting

Stargate: 1889 May 10, 2012
w/ Lady Cecile Featheringstonehaugh (“Fanshaw”) (& her secretary, Eleanor ), Content Not Found: adelaide-edison, Captain Edouard “Ed” Roche, “Martha” Mbali (Zulu), Major Alexander Lycoll, Marquisse of Waterford (& his Indian batman), Seamus O’Rourke & Emmeline Kelly O’Rourke (& her dog, Rowan)

At Revelstoke Castle in Shropshire, and some interesting individuals arrive [everyone other than the Major and myself. The Major’s lancers have been drilling in the courtyard. And Cecile, along with [[:Dr. Catherine Langford]] is one of the new arrivals. How lovely.

General Allen Baldwin is the commander of the castle [think Sean Connery in Man Who Would Be King]. Once everyone the General was expecting has arrived, we are gathered in the library meeting room. Major Quinn was the recruiter of the British individuals [balding, almost 40, sideburns to mustache] and Colonel Falconer, recruited the Americans [burly, outspoken ~50 year old Texan]. Maj Geoffrey Boothroyd (the quartermaster) is also present. Maderu is the Generals’ Aide (Evie’s mentor in The Mummy), Major Wyndham, Dr. Clive Trevelyn and Dr. Catherine Langford are another four individuals at the table. Finally my uncle and Nikola joined us. Gregory Mitchell, representing the Vanderbilt family and finally Charles Babbage in his life-chair.

{joke about Capt being a Captain again, ‘so we can shoot him, right?’} {joke about Tesla shooting looks at my character ‘shocking’, ’keep up with current events}

General Baldwin began the briefing, reviewing Littlefeld’s archeological discovery about 20 years ago in the Sinai Peninsula; one that was kept secret. Writing and artifacts were found that indicated extra-terrestrial origin. They had to be excavated and removed to England, due to the French’s construction of the Suez Canal.

Using Uncle‘s kinetoscope, they showed images of the Gate. The British have been studying it ever since. Recently, breakthroughs have been made. It creates an opening through the ether to another similar device. Apparently, some of the individuals are less familiar with science than I expected. They didn’t even know that light travels.

There are 39 separate glyphs and it takes 6 glyphs to activate it. They appear to be related to constellations. Cecile’s research may be the key to unlocking the activation. Major Lycoll objected to sending ladies. Cecile made appreciative noises but made him aware that she is quite prepared, as she has been on expeditions before. Major Quinn told Lycoll his role was to protect the academics.

{Buckaroo Bonzai reference}

We went to the basement to see the Gate. Cecile sent her servant, Eleanor to get her latest notebook. Capt Ed went to look at the Gate; looks like stone, feels like metal, doesn’t scratch.

I am trying to explain the gate and the Tesla coils to Martha and Ed. Surprisingly, they almost understood. Until Ed made a reference to shoveling coal.

Dr. Wyndham began inserting the cards into the Babbage Engine and the Tesla coils powered up and the Gate rings spun. The glyphs activate one by one, until all 6 were lit. And then nothing.

Dr. Langford reported they’ve been trying the glyphs randomly and tried the ones found in Sinai. Cecile brought up a recent find., one made by another archeologist.
Capt Ed brought up trying to use a 7th symbol. Cecile examined the notebook of the previous attempts.

Capt Ed tossed a scrap of charcoal through and, no surprise, nothing happened. Cecile brought out a sketch of an amulet, it has a 7th symbol on the back. It has the same 6 attempted on this date.

We took out a plaque corresponding to the 7th symbol. Capt Ed took it and shoved it into the Babbage Engine. The entire gate lit up and whoosh of light and energy came out of the gate. It hit part of the curtain wall, dropping a stone on Tesla’s foot. The Gate was filled with a shimmering layer of light.

Tesla’s ankle is broken so I’ll be chief scientist on the expedition. Ed stuck a broomstick and pulled it back out. Martha stuck her hand into it. She said it went completely numb and couldn’t feel a thing. I can actually see the etheric fluctuations. How fascinating.

Dr. Medino will be the physician for the expedition. We’ll be leaving day after tomorrow. No one is going through until the expedition is ready. Capt Ed wants to go through now to test it. He’s fishing with a rope and hook, until the hook got stuck. Major Lycoll sent for guards, just in case. Finally, the hook just wouldn’t come back.

When the gate is shut off, the rope was cut; cleanly. Important safety note: be completely through before the gate is shut off.

The next day I had to stop researching long enough to do some packing and preparations. There’s 10 of us, the dog,and 21 troops, and the physician. There’s five wagons to hold everyone’s gear.

The Major and some of his troops lead the way. Mrs. O’Rourke and Capt Ed followed them. The Major and Mrs. O’Rourke rode through. I stumbled and fell when I made it. We’re covered with rime, which melts. The gate is one way, as proved by the hook sitting in front of the gate. Capt Ed tried to toss the grappling hook and it just fell to the other side, but not through the Gate.

We’re in a large stone room and it’s warmer than Castle Revelstoke. There’s an old slanted table with a red dome in the center. The table is covered by glyphs.

Major rode out the door and said there’s a desert with a pink sky outside. We’re in a pyramid; a temple to Set, Lord of the Red Earth and the Egyptian name for Mars.

Mrs. O’Rourke, Rowan, Capt Ed and Martha went outside to take a took, and Major Lycoll sent 3 soldiers with them. Mrs. O’Rourke was collecting lichen and insect samples. Capt Ed smashed an insect and Mrs. O’Rourke yelled at him. He was quite startled and didn’t notice the tentacles, until they attacked him.



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