Stargate: 1889

We Meet Martians


Stargate 1889 7 June 2012
w/ Lady Cecile Featheringstonehaugh (“Fanshaw”), Adelaide “Addy” Edison, Capt Edouard “Ed” Roche, “Martha” Mbali (Zulu), Major Alexander Lycoll Marquisse of Waterford (& his Indian batman), Seamus O’Rourke & Emmeline Kelly O’Rourke (& her dog, Rowan)

The Martians attacked, flying down like flying squirrels, but with halberds in their feet. One blade sliced across the Major‘s jacket but he fended them off. Mrs. O’Rourke‘s horse reared up to fend off the creatures. One of them sliced through her jacket, enough to draw blood and managed to hurt her. Soldiers shot at one of them and brought it down. I managed to avoid two of the beasts, but the third one almost sliced my arm off. Apparently, up on the mooring deck, Martha and Capt Ed were also attacked and also took injuries. Well, Capt Ed did. Apparently Martha was too tough for them. Mr. O’Rourke was by himself and got badly hacked up, as all three of his attackers sliced into him.

More soldiers fired at the pair of Martians still attacking Mrs. O’Rourke, but only two had decent aim. Their aim was excellent though, as they shot another two down.

Soldiers continued to fire at attacking Martians. Mrs. O’Rourke’s horse grabbed one in his teeth and dragged it from the sky. Mrs. O’Rourke pulled her gun and shot another out of the sky. Capt Ed pulled out a pair of pistols and fired off two shots, managing to ground another Martian. Two of them sliced up my jacket, and me. Two Martians still attacking Capt Ed proved their mettle as one of them hacked across his torso. He twisted to avoid the blow, using his pistol to deflect it so it landed on another Martian, cutting it into two. Two of the ones attacking Martha were so demoralized, they completely missed her. The last one landed a blow on her metal arm, making a ringing noise, but not hurting her. Mr. O’Rourke braced himself (spent bennies & made two vigor rolls to survive, and did remarkably well), shaking off the effects of his wounds to shoot down another Martian. The Martian who hit his left arm knocked him and grabbed him to fly away. Maj Lycoll spotted the two Martians around the mooring point and shot one near Martha. Soldiers fired, following his lead, and did the same. Soldiers fired to assist me, trying to drive off the Martians and wounded one. Soldiers on the mooring point shot and killed the last two who had been attacking Martha. The rest of the soldiers in the temple fired, killing another one. Soldiers in the city hall fired at the Martians carrying off Mr. O’Rourke ,{Maj: How can the British save you again? Seamus: Stop! Or I’ll say stop again!} killing one.

Mrs. O’Rourke pulled her rifle and shot the last Martian up at the mooring point. Capt Ed looked out over the edge, looking for more Martians to shoot. Surprisingly, one of the Martians attacked a soldier, who managed to parry the blow. A Martian picked up Mr. O’Rourke and flew off. {GM as soldier: Don’t shoot, you might hit the Irish. Maj: Don’t shoot, you might miss the Irish.} The other Martians flew off. Mrs. O’Rourke stabilized one of the Martians.

I came out of the the temple, and the doctor came to my aid. There’s no sign of Mr. O’Rourke. Mrs. O’Rourke gave me a couple of pills, and I feel much better.

They were flying north, to the mountains. Cecile was noting their route, the mountains appeared to be cut at a 45 degree angle with a wedge taken out of it and balconies carved out of walls. They flew onto one of the balconies and barked at her. She thought it might actually be a language. She saw another one fly in with a bleeding Mr. O’Rourke. They were both shoved into a tunnel. {Maj: ha-ha. They tried to get a breeding pair. Cecile: They’re going to be mightily disappointed, then.} Cecile could not convince them to help her move him, and she was not strong enough to move him herself, without doing him further injury. Their captors barked louder down the tunnel and more Martians, these without the wing flaps, came out. A pair, male and female, picked up Mr. O’Rourke and carried him inside.

Once the guards left, the additional Martians (wingless) inside began to talk. Their language sounded vaguely like Coptic. {GM: When they worship the Norse goddess of the dead, they speak Helacoptic} They treated Mr. O’Rourke’s injuries. Cecile began writing in Coptic, trying to communicate with the Martians; ‘not an animal, greetings, etc {GM: please, there’s a tradition here, ‘take me to your leader.’}

Mr. O’Rourke eventually woke up. He was quite startled by the individual standing above him. Mr. O’Rourke groped his chest, “Oh, please, tell me they didn’t perforate me flask.” Meanwhile, Cecile was managing to communicate, roughly, with the Martians.

They told her, they are in a kragg, belonging to the Haaken. They themselves are barrax; slaves to the winged Martians. The winged ones brought in something that could, laughingly be called food. Cecile theorized it originated as some kind of fungus.

Eventually, one of the winged ones came to investigate the two new, odd, slaves. Cecile was taken out with the other slaves to work. They left Mr. O’Rourke since he was unable to do much in his condition. He spent his time observing the captors and slaves. He discovered hidden stairs to get from level to level, apparently unknown to the fliers. Cecile noticed that the levels go down very far, although the slaves apparently didn’t. She spoke to the slaves about this and they communicated something dangerous being lower down. She did see some animal waste.

Somehow, Mrs. O’Rourke managed to communicate with the one she captured. He indicated that her cousin and Cecile had been taken to the mountains to the north. She ‘convinced’ him to guide us.

We left one squad of soldiers barricaded in a building, along with the wagons and Mrs. O’Rourke’s creatures.

We traveled toward the mountains for hours, and we noticed some figures flying around the mountain’s southern tip. They look much like the ones who kidnapped Cecile and Mr. O’Rourke. Apparently, Mrs. O’Rourke was very convincing. Evening was descending as we approached. It was getting cold and while uncomfortable, it was not fatal.

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